Bridles, Reins, Martingales

Top quality leather, handmade by craftsmen in the old tradition - we specialise in HEAVY HORSE and HARD TO FIT horses, as all our saddlery is hand made to your requirements and many items are Stock Sizes.

We can make bridles, martingales, reins, etc of any type, size, colours, individually made to measure for YOUR horse. You supply the measurements and we make the tack. Please email me for affordable bespoke orders - special sizes are made at no extra charge..

Top quality fittings too and soft, neoprene 'Relief' padding on the inside of the browband and noseband on English Comfort BCutaway-Headpiece bridleridles.

Our innovative, new, complete Poll and Ear Pressure Relief Headpiece is available as an option for our English Bridles, at no extra charge. It is our own design and eliminates the ridge pressure caused by noseband headpieces under the bridle headpiece, plus removing any potential pressure points at the base of the ears. 

Products In This Category:

snaffle bridle

Snaffle Comfort Bridle

 western bridle large

Western Bridle

australian stockman bridle 1

Stockmans Bridle

double ply western reins with clips

Double Ply Western Reins with Removable Clips

double ply western reins with d rings

Double Ply Western Reins with Removable Clips and D Rings for Training Aids

Single Ply Western Reins with Removable Clips and 'D' Rings for Training Aids

extra full english reins

English Reins - Extra Full - 72" each rein

german martingale

HP German Martingale

stockmans breast collar

Australian Stockmans Breast Collar

Continental German Martingale or Market Harborough Reins

HP Paddd English Hunting Breastplate running martingale german 

HP Padded English Hunting Breastplate with Running Martingale and German Martingale Attachments

Fitting a Running Martingale


See this Testimonial:

Hey John,

I hope this note finds you and your wife well.
The side reins and the Market Harborough set up arrived yesterday.
Being a tradesman whipmaker and past member of the Saddlers and Harness Makers Association, all I can say is WOW and well done.
The workmanship in the goods is outstanding. The sewing is neat and the articles are finished in a very workmanlike and professional fashion.
I could not offer higher praise for the quality of the work and would like to assure anyone intending to purchase goods from you to do so with absolute confidence.
Even the packaging and the way it was protected was better than I have seen recently.
Good on you John, you certainly are offering quality products at an affordable price.
I have enjoyed viewing the Perth DVD as well. That is all very good "stuff"

Keep it up,

Best wishes for the forth coming year,

Glen Denholm,
Master Stockwhip Maker
Towradgi, NSW.